Our Italian Adventure Begins

You may have thought, due to the gap between blogs that we’ve been away on vacation.  No, just self-inflicted busy with “normal” lives.

Speaking of vacations we are just starting our Italian vacation.  Today is day one and it’s purely a travel day.  Up before the roosters and butt in seat for 20 plus hours (SEA to Chicago to Frankfurt to Venice).  We plan to blog about our overseas adventure as we are sure to find some delicious eats.  

To get us in the Italian state of mind we rented movies that were either made there, took place there, or had some reference to Italy.  Here’s our top ten list in case you’d like to make a big bowl of spaghetti, grab a bottle of Chianti and take a cheap trip to Italy one night.

10.  Nine
9.    The Tourist
8.    The Wings of a Dove
7.    The Talented Mr. Ripley
6.    Eat, Pray, Love
5.    Three Coins in a Fountain
4.    The Italian Job
3.    Under the Tuscan Sun 
2.    Tea with Mussolini
1.    Roman Holiday

Live life with flavor and fun!


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