Aloha Kakou

Ro and FloJo
Aloha and welcome to our new blog, 50 Shades of Delicious: 2 Chewsy for the Catwalk.  You might be asking yourself, "Who are you and what the beeswax does your blog name mean?" Okay, no one uses beeswax anymore, but we want to keep the first blog G rated-- let’s see how well we do.  

About Us:
Our blog greeting today starts with Aloha (conveniently both hello and good-bye in Hawaiian).  We chose "aloha" because half of the writing staff (and by staff we mean unpaid, untrained bloggers who think blogging seems really fun) consists of a beautiful Hawaiian, Ro, transplanted to Seattle to attend Seattle U. Additionally, we just got back from a vacation to four Hawaiian islands (Oahu, Maui, Molokai and Lana'i).  A shout out to her co-worker Kim (coincidentally also from Hawaii) who recently started a blog, Vintage Modern and got us thinking about the idea.  The other half of the writing staff, FloJo (a nickname from high school and coincedentally rhymes with Ro), is a haole (but rather than white chocolate considers herself more of a milk to semi-sweet variety).  The home office is in West Seattle, but we are virtual and plan to post from wherever we are in the world. 
Where in the world is Waldo?
Our Blog Name:
Now that you have the answer to the first question, without further ado an attempted explanation of our blog name.  50 Shades of Delicious because no one knows what it means and it's provocative like the New York Times #1 best-selling erotic fiction by British author E. L. James.  Wait, we are about to lose our G rating.  In all seriousness, food can be sexy and it makes us happy (when paired with a nice glass or bottle of wine). 2 Chewsy (because we do have opinions, we are not snobs, but we know what we like and don’t like and are not afraid to say it).  4 the Catwalk is in reference to a recent morning when Ro was using a hair product of said name, and FloJo burst into the one hit wonder by Right Said Fred,  "I'm too Sexy".  Since we have thousands of such inside jokes and laugh pretty much all day long at each other, we thought it apropos to include one such moment in our blog name.  The numerals in place of alpha characters are in homage to Roen’s profession (CPA).

To "sum" it up we aim to share our love for fun, food, travel, and beverage with a woman’s view that is  honest, raw and passionate. Really, it's a cheap form of entertainment for us and we hope someone out there enjoys it too.

Aloha~ live life with flavor and fun

Ro and FloJo


  1. i am looking forward to what you two ladies have to say! thanks for the shout out :)


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